California Based Non-Profit

Paid Media

The Challenge

Our latest non-profit client was previously engaged with a paid media agency that heavily relied on automation, leading to dissatisfaction with both the modest returns from their media investments and the level of customer service. Their Paid Media ROI was barely positive, and the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) was higher than their budget could sustainably support. The One Edge team was brought on board to manage their complete accounts, including Paid Search, Social Media, and Display Advertising, with the goal of enhancing returns and reducing CPA.

The Strategy

To tackle the underperforming returns, One Edge conducted a thorough media audit to identify areas of improvement and potential opportunities, followed by a detailed review of the event schedule and budget. After finalizing the budget, we outlined a media forecast with specific monthly performance targets.

With a proactive approach, the One Edge team overhauled Paid Search campaigns, refreshed Paid Social Media audience targeting, and transitioned to more cost-effective Display Advertising partners. This hands-on strategy produced significant early results, setting new performance benchmarks and reshaping the non-profit’s expectations for their Paid Media strategy.

Results (On-going)


Dramatic growth YoY in Return On Ad Spend


Increase in avg. Monthly revenue


Improvement in CPA


Increase in Paid Media Conv. Rates