The Challenge

Upon taking on the account One Edge pinpoint critical issues within Silvert’s Amazon campaigns. The campaigns structure were not setup to allow for more granular optimizations while limiting the ability to allocate funds more efficiently.

The Strategy

One Edge revamped campaigns to a new structure following industry best practices. The new structure will give One Edge more control on optimizations and allow us to efficiently allocate budget across product subdivision category. New product group for both shopping and amazon campaigns allows higher level of analysis and more granular optimization protocol.

Results (On-going)


Dramatic increases in YoY May to August in marketplace revenue


Improvement in efficiencies

Increased in marketshare status in all categories

Strong early results on Amazon

“The efficiency and relevancy of our advertisements improved – driving true operating efficiency to our business. Silverts is a better and stronger business today because of our partnership with One Edge.”

Joshua Norris, General Manager, Silvert’s