Agency Support

Overflow/ Transition

At One Edge Digital, we have years of experience supporting Fortune 500 and large SEM / Paid Media agencies during peak seasons and periods, new business wins and times of employee turnover. Whether you require hands on keyboards, strategy consulting or even require recruiters to build your next paid media team, OED delivers.

Peak Season Support

OED understands paid media spending is often seasonal and offers agency support when you need it most. For those agencies that want to maintain a lean team during slower periods and bolster their team during back to school and holiday, OED has the flexibility to support your team whether its for one quarter or indefinitely.

Employee Turnover

In a challenging market with higher than normal employee turnover, OED has the experience to seamlessly integrate into your current employee structure, whether it be analyst, manager or head of strategy positions. We fill your team based on your clients needs.


Due to our 20+ years of industry experience, OED has the capability and experience to collaborate with your Hiring and HR professionals to support in hiring efforts. OED offers recruiting and screening services to build your next paid media team.

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